Friday, October 31, 2008

MEGA SWAGBUCKS has started!

Search & Win

If you have not yet joined SWAGBUCKS, now is a GREAT time to join!! They have just started MEGA Swagbucks where you can win 10, 20, 50, even 100 Swagbucks just for searching! Swagbucks is a website that lets you perform searches powered by Google and Ask. com. Each time you search, you have a chance to win. Swagbucks can be redeemed for gift cards, electronics, and other prizes. So far, I have earned some Starbucks gift cards that I'll be using for teacher gifts for the holidays. Click HERE to sign up and start earning your own prizes TODAY!

Monday, October 27, 2008

RUN to KMart!

I never thought I'd say these words but RUN, don't walk to your local KMart. Yesterday through 11/1 they are offering DOUBLE coupons up to $2!! So a $2 coupon will now save you $4!! Click HERE to see the list of participating stores.

I missed out on a few good deals by not shopping yesterday, as some items were already out of stock. But here is what I did get this morning:

Zest soap (3 bars) $2.19 (-$1 c doubled = $0.19 cost)
2X Revlon nail polish $4.19 (-$2 c doubled on each = $0.19 cost each)
Huggies baby wash (YES, I am stockpiling already!)$3.50 (-$1.50 c doubled = $0.50 cost)
Crest Kids toothpaste $2.49 (-$1 c doubled = $0.49 cost)
10 pk Mens Bic disposable razors $4.49 (-$2 c doubled = $0.49 cost)
Visene eye drops $3.99 (-$2 c doubled = FREE!)
3X Dove shampoo $3.79 (-$2 c doubled = 3 FREE!)
3X Healthful Life cat food 16 oz. $1.99 (-$1 c doubled = 3 FREE!)
2X Whisker Lickins cat treats $1.39 (-$1 c doubled = 2 FREE!)
Pledge Multisurface spray $4.19 (-$1c doubled = $2.19...Not the best deal but I NEEDed it to clean my wood floors. You can read all about my Pledge obsession HERE :)
24 pk of ice cream cones (Clearanced to $0.70)
100 pk of Fla-Vor-Ice pops (Clearanced to $2)

My total before coupons was $55.81 and my total AFTER coupons was...drum roll please...$7.91. Go me! And go YOU to KMart....right now!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Evan's "Art Crawl"

Evan's first grade class had an "art crawl" this morning. Parents, grandparents,and anyone else who wanted to attend was invited to go into the classroom and view the kids' artwork, which was displayed around the room. Evan was most proud of his "royalty portrait" and "abstract art". There were refreshments and a really cute slideshow afterwards. The kids were so proud of their work and so so SO happy to have special people there today!

Evan and his "royalty portrait"


Evan & Ms. Abernethy


And here he little stinkpot...err...artist:)


Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Heart Aldi

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my Aldi store! For anyone who is unfamiliar with this chain of food stores, here's a little Aldi 101 to get you started. I thought Aldi was a bit "different" at first, but now I am hooked.

#1) There are no coupons, no sales, although prices are reduced often. Their prices are up to 50% off of typical grocery store every day.

#2) Products are not displayed on shelves, they are stacked on pallets and in self displaying cartons (boxes). Prices are clearly marked with signs.

#3) Before entering the store, you will need a quarter to get a cart outside the door. You put your quarter in the slot and the cart releases from the next one. After you are done shopping, you click your cart back in and get you quarter back out for next time. I tend to give my cart to someone as I am leaving and don't take a quarter in return, so I keep a stash of quarters in my minivan LOL. This system keeps the store's costs down, no carts left all over the parking lot for an employee to collect.

#4) The store is very basic, clean with wide aisles and neatly stacked products. Very rarely are they out of stock on an item.

#5) Most of the store's inventory is private label products. As with other "generic" brands, these are produced by name brand companies and are of high quality. Aldi offers a "Double Guarantee" on every food item that they sell. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, you may return the item for a full refund as well as a replacement product. I have NEVER had to return an item but my mom returned an underripe watermelon (LOL) and was very happy with the customer service she received :)

#6) There are no free plastic or paper bags for bagging your groceries. Paper bags may be purchased at the checkout for 5 cents or heavy duty plastic for 10 cents (I *think* these are the prices, not sure since I don't buy bags LOL) and you are encouraged to bring your own. They also sell nice insulated bags for frozen stuff, for 99 cents, a good investment you can reuse over and over. You can also collect empty boxes as you shop to package your groceries after checkout. This is my method of choice as my kids love to make stuff out of my Aldi boxes!

#7) There are very few check out aisles (maybe 5 or so) and usually one (or 2 max) cashiers to check you out at any given time. They are VERY quick and efficient, as they do not bag for you. The cashiers at my store are very friendly and helpful and did I mention FAST?

#8) Accepted payments are cash, check, food stamps/EBT cards or pin-based debit card (NO credit cards). This keeps costs down and speeds up the checkout process.

#9) After you check out, you take your cart of goodies over to the counter and bag or box your own stuff. The kids LOVE this, since it gives them a chance to help out.

#10) You WILL SAVE MONEY! I made a trip to Aldi yesterday for a few things so here are a few examples form my receipt on how prices compare to Super Walmart, the next cheapest place to buy food around here:

Cucumbers $0.49 ea $0.82 ea (HALF the size and almost twice the price!)
5 lbs grapefruit $2.69 $4.99
Baby Carrots (1 lb) $0.99 $1.68
Butter (1 lb) $2.19 $2.54
Romaine hearts $1.99 $2.68
Flour tortillas $0.99 $1.69
Hamburger buns $0.85 $1.18

I have quite a few items that I buy all the time at Aldi. For example, their trash bags kick butt and they are less than half the cost of other brands. Their produce is always very well priced and very fresh and high quality. Even meats, which I am SUPER picky about have passed the taste test in our house!

I have found that by shopping at Aldi, I have lowered my total grocery bill considerably. The kids love that I don't say NO to snacks when they are $0.99 - $1.69 a box, versus twice that at Walmart. Well, I suppose I've rambled long enough....just wanted to share my Aldi love with the world LOL.

Click HERE to go to their website if you need any more info or to locate a store near you. If you are already an Aldi shopper, or after you go for the first time , let me know what you think by leaving a comment. HAPPY ALDI SHOPPING!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween is almost here!

I can't believe we are getting into that time of year already! Soon it will be Halloween and then Thanksgiving and then Christmas....time is going by too fast! Here are a few pics of the kids making and decorating Halloween cupcakes yesterday.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

The cutest little Cub Scout on Earth

Doesn't he look so *innocent* in uniform?!?



I realize I have not written in a long time and I'm sorry. I've been in sort of a funk lately, mainly related to my inability to get pregnant. It is downright depressing! It took us 4 months the first time and then of course we miscarried, now here we are another 3 months later with no luck. So many of my friends and family are having babies or are pregnant right now, and I sort of feel left out. I know my time will come and what's meant to is is meant to be and all that, but I am really down about it right now :( I promise to try to post more often, maybe it wil help lift my spirits.